KLH Designs involves the creation of a website to a client's liking and choosing. KLH Designs does not provide services for the continued updating of the site. Instead, the client will receive tutorials on how to update/change necessary items effortlessly. 

Wix, the web design company I use, is "powerful technology [making] it easy for everyone to get online with a stunning, professional and functional web presence. No creative limits, no coding – just complete freedom to express yourself and manage your entire business online."


Because of the user-friendly nature of the website design, clients can update their site with no issues. KLH Designs is here to serve the client with creating the site itself. 

You may be thinking if you can do it by yourself, why would you hire me? Although Wix is an extremely user-friendly device, it can still be challenging to learn and create the website you have in mind. Hiring me will allow you to not worry about this learning curve because I will do everything for you!


Contact me so we can chat about your visions and whether KLH Designs is right for you.


I will provide a price offer, and we will discuss the elements involved in your plan.


I will create your website, teach you how to edit anything that would be needed, and provide you with video tutorials. 


There are two types of charges you will be paying for the creation of your site: 1) Wix charges & 2) my charges

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 4.55.33 PM.png

After talking with you, I will get a feel for how small or big the project will be. I will then give you an offer of the price of the creation for the website, which will be a one time charge. I charge by the project, not by the hour. 


Included within the price of the project will be the assistance fee (if the project calls for it). This fee consists of a written user manual & video tutorials of how to change/edit certain features that may arise in the future. This fee is not a set fee because it will vary depending on how many changes you view will occur on your website. 


When you join Wix, the website building platform, ​you have two options: free or premium.


The free option works fine except you will see ads displayed on your site and "" will be added to the end of your web address. I suggest purchasing a premium account for a more professional feel. During our initial consultation, I will help analyze your needs in order to select the correct plan. 


This package is paid directly to Wix, not to me. This is a monthly charge to keep your site up and running. Aside from this charge, you will need to pay for your domain (which is your Wix pays for the first year, and then after that, you pay $10-15 per year depending on how many years in advance you pay for.


As you can see, the price truly varies. Please reach out, and we can discuss the possibilities! I can ensure you this will be MUCH cheaper than other designers and you will be able to update your site and not have to pay someone to do it!


To review where the charges come from: 

1. Wix Premium Package (if selected)

2. Website Domain (after a year)  

3. Website Creation Fee

4. Website Assistance Fee (if needed)